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This project is about a famous movie artist Johnny Depp, this website is for the fans where they would be encouraged to share content related to him, they would be able to contribute their thoughts about him and comment about his acting skills, they can upload his photos and videos, discuss his acting skills and give him titles accordingly, they can give him rating based on his acting in a particular movie, suggest him roles which they think would be a test for him and discuss his acting. They can interact with each other through comment, ask relate questions and find answers from a list of questions already asked. This site may contain a poll based on rating where they will be able to see the most rated upload by another person they can also create their own polls as well. There would be a photo gallery and detailed information about his life, biography and a list relating to the movies he has acted in. There would be a newsroom where people can view and post any news related to him. Here the fans would be able to add and write an article about him and create tags that would suits his personality. On the fan club site there would be a space given to the fans to create art.
This website would be a web 2.0 site containing almost all the major features of web 2.0 encouraging content creation like commenting, sharing content, tagging and polls etc.

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